While We Journey On


wedding-02The anticipation of a New Year is somehow similar to the build up to a wedding.

On the one hand is the desire and hope for good things, which lie ahead. On the other, is the fear of letting go of the good things we are familiar with.

In some ways we are apprehensive about the possibility that the future might not live up to expectations. In some ways, we recognise that the past had its own measure of disappointments.
I call this ‘ambivalence’ – a state of having mixed feelings about something or someone.

In the build up to Christmas I read a devotional from which I borrowed two ideas. The first one, is the simplest approach to ambivalence \ anxiety about the future \ uncertainty: ‘Pray, and let God worry!’ Whether one can do anything about it or not, hand it over to the One that can handle anything.

The second, without complicating matters, is just as easy:

Pray, as if everything depends on God!


Work, as if everything depends on you!

During 2016, we have put in practice both suggestions, especially in relation to Claudette’s health!

We prayed and continue to recognise that life (especially Claudette’s) is a gift from God and we are ever so grateful for it! We handed our anxiety over her life to God and let Him worry about it!

Complementing this, we have done as much as we possibly could, as though everything depended on us! Claudette continued with her lifestyle changes: daily juices, organic fruit and veg, complete elimination of refined sugar, weekly exercise, Himalayan salt, etc. From a human point of view, the proof is in the pudding: her BUPA assessor declared that her set of tests are some of the best they had seen; her oncologists gave her the ‘all clear’ at all 3 tests she did this year; she feels well and has that inner joy which comes from knowing that life is precious.

The three of us are slowly catching up with her changes and getting to reap some of the benefits as well.

So, what of 2017?

We shall approach this New Year with the excitement and apprehension of newly weds, but determined to be true to one another and God, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer.

So, as we head into 2017, we shall continue to do the same:

Pray, as if everything depends on God!


Work, as if everything depends on you!


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