While We Journey On


IMG_4648-747459The first week of recovery after the 1st round of chemo was challenging, to say the least, just as the literature indicates. There was nausea, weakness, lots of sleep, painful limbs and even an ambulance trip. Claudette was home the whole day on Sunday, while I was in Dundee with the boys (Pathfinders and visitation). When we came home, Claudette had a seizure coupled with the need to ‘be sick’.   The ambulance folk were great and took her to PRI, where we spent the evening, and they wanted to admit her to the acute ward. By God’s grace after a few hours, she recovered and was discharged. The entire episode was very serious and frightened us all; all but Jason that is, who was eager to see what is happening and most annoyed that he was not allowed to see what was going on.

The rest of the week we saw small improvements each day and some less debilitating new symptoms. Claudette is eating better (not as healthy as she would like, but eating nonetheless), up and about in the house, we joke and laugh and debate ;-). We even went for a short walk down the road, the other day. We are grateful for every day.

Claudette managed to get some things done slowly (very slowly, by our standard). Preparation for Messy Church is in full swing; some work; some house stuff – sufficient to keep her motivated and going. In the mean time, we try our best to function ‘almost’ normally.

We have been overwhelmed by all the support received during this period of time. Christine, Katie, Sarah, Priscilla, Karen, Muriel, Jana, Lisa, Crieff and Dundee church friends, churches around the world – have either stayed with us and took care of the children, cooked for us, gave Claudette massages, gifts, or encouragement, lifts to and from nursery, or praying; to name but a few of the practical ways you have helped us. Claudette’s Facebook is buzzing with words of support. For all of this and more we are most grateful.

While I reflect back on this week and particularly on Sunday’s incident, I am convinced that had it not been for God intervening in this situation … who knows.

It reminds me of the Bible story in which a city was besieged by an enemy army. When the prophet’s servant woke up in the morning and saw the situation, he came barging in and cried out ‘What shall we do?’ The wise prophet told him not to be afraid, because ‘those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’ Then, the prophet prayed that God opens the servant’s eyes, so that he may see. And when God does so, he sees ‘the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around them.’

Perhaps as we go through difficult situations, we may remember that there is a greater reality, which is played out behind the scenes: a fight between good and evil. Perhaps, we may realise more often the danger of being blind, how much protection we benefit from and how much worse things will be if it were not for ‘those who are with us’.  But one thing we could surely do – keep praying: for ourselves and for those around us.

So, our prayer now is that our eyes will be opened to see and believe that those who are with us are there and defending us! May we all carry on in the knowledge that God is with us, and if He is with us, nothing else can prevail.




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